Vitor Guerra Stargate Meditation Southampton

About the sessions

Meditation sessions are offered in person or online (through Skype or similar platforms). However, if you live in the south of England (Hampshire area in particular) in person should always be the first choice as it will give you a greater sense of how I work. I am also able to offer home visits if required. The sessions can be for individuals or small groups (up to five people).

The individual session will last 60 minutes; however longer sessions (90 minutes, 120 minutes, etc.) can be arranged if you wish and feel this might be beneficial to you. The sessions are structured in three parts. The initial 5-10 minutes will help you to relax, get comfortable and clear your mind. This time will also be used to explain the Stargate methods and how this works. Once relaxed, the work will start and the meditation will last for approximately 45 minutes followed by 10 minutes of sharing and questions. The last 10 minutes are essential in order to come back and fully readjust into our bodies. A free initial 30 minutes consultation is also available. During this time, we can discuss your objective and create a personalised planning. This is a no obligation consultation, however if you prefer, we can add these 30 minutes to your first session.

The group meditations usually lasts longer, approximately 120 minutes, as it might take longer to build up the energy and because it will require a slightly different set up than the one to one session. We would usually have two meditations rather than a very long one with a short break in between.

If you are interested on being part of a meditation Group, check the Meditation Circles and the event sections for more information, or if you already know a group of people get in contact to arrange a session. 

More info

There are many meditation techniques available and all of them are valid. However, the best meditations are those that bring you awareness, inner peace, mental clarity, balance and assist you to release all the accumulated tension, stress, old patterns and believes. All at once. In addition, a good meditation technique will assist you with you overall health as well as with your spiritual evolution. The technique will be even better if it is simple and there is nothing to do, don´t you think?

Back in 2016, I discovered the Stargate while participating in a Kryon event in Birmingham. Since then I have been working with it at a personal level, in one to one and small groups. The Stargate is a tool based on multidimensional sacred geometry. As the official Stargate Experiece website describes it, ‘‘The Stargate is one of the leading-edge devices that can assist in the rapid expansion of our consciousness, it is a doorway to other dimensions’. Although I have worked with the Stargate since I discovered it in 2016, I was officially trained as Facilitator in July 2018 by Prageet Harris and Julianne Conard in Mount Shasta, California (the Stargate Experience's official home)

Victor Guerra Meditation Southampton