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Healing with Archetypes

This particular form of healing uses sacred geometry and enery projection to re-balance the etheric part of the physical body as well as the emotional, mental, astral body and more. Healing by Archetypes was developed by Colin Bloy in the 80’s and although it can be considered as an advanced, powerful and very effective healing technique, it is not well known to date. Its origins can be tracked back to Carl G. Jung. In his work, Jung believed that conscience emerges from the subconscience and not the other way around.

"Colin Bloy was one of the most singular characters in the 20th Century. British born on Hungary, he was a diplomatic, secret agent, Master Mason, successful businessman, advisor to Charles de Gaulle and personal friend of Winston Churchill. However, his greater contribution was the development of a very powerful and effective spiritual healing method known as “Healing with Archetypes” (Laura Arrache and Coré Martín, 2014. Text extracted from ‘The Grail, The Knights Templars and the New Humanity. Colin Bloy legacy’). In addition, Colin Bloy was well known in the fields of dowsing, Ley lines and community healing. If you would like to find out more about Colin Bloy check the Fountain International Magazine website or this video in YouTube 

I was trained in Madrid by Laura Arrache and with Coré Martín, in the Spanish Association of Spiritual Healers (AESE)  founded by Colin Bloy in 1998. Laura worked hand in hand with Colin Bloy for many years in Madrid until he passed away. 

What is an Archetype?

An archetype can be defined as the essence, the energy form of something. The archetype is the idea that foresees manifestation in matter, it is the formative etheric force. They are geometric and numeric. The Archetypes are cosmic and transcendent, they are part of the Creation process. It is important to distinguish the concepts of ‘Symbol’ and ‘Archetype’. Although they are similar, in their essence they are very different. A Symbol is representative while an Archetype is functional, it has its own energy. As Carl Jung said, ‘the Archetype acquires life from the moment it is projected’ (distant healing). The archetypes allow us to make a full diagnosis quickly and therefore, allow the healer to see where the illness/dis-ease is and check if it has been corrected by re-checking and confirming the change in the Archetype form.

Unfortunately, there is not much information available about Healing by Archetypes in English. The majority, if not all, of the literature available on the web is in Spanish. If you would like to know more and can read Spanish, I would suggest searching the web for 'sanación por aquetipos'. There is some information available out there and of course on the Spanish Association of Spiritual Healers website

Healing with Archetypes Southampton