Vitor Guerra Spiritual Healling Southampton

About the sessions

Spiritual healing sessions are offered in person or online (through Skype or similar platforms). The energies and the work is exactly the same and the results are the same. However, if you live in Southampton or nearby (Hampshire area) in person should always be the first choice. I am also able to offer home visits if required. Additionally, I am also offering distant healing by request.

The average session time is 60 minutes. However, the initial session might  take a bit longer. A free initial 30 minutes consultation is also available. During the consultation, we can talk about your needs and the best way to achieve your objectives.

The Spiritual Healing can be felt instantly by many, although generally, the result might be properly felt within a week. It all depends on you. It depends on how ready and prepare you are to let go, your resistance to allow the healing to work, how open you are to receive the healing and most importantly if it is good for you at the time. One thing that needs to be understood is that sometimes the cause of the issue is so deep or painful that the subconscious mind doesn’t want to deal with it. In those circumstances something else might need to be cleared before we can deal with that particular issue. In addition, although healing can sometimes happen very easily and instantly, it can also be undone just as easily due to our subconscious beliefs. More detail can be given during the initial consultation.

More info

I am trained in the art of Spiritual Healing with Archetypes which is one of the most powerful spiritual healing tools. The Archetypes are based on the sacred geometry and can be define  as the energy's essence that precede the form. I have practiced the Archetypes as a healing tool since 2015. In addition to this forms of healing, I am also trained as Ho’oponopono practitioner, as Jikiden Reiki (Okuden) practitioner and as an advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator. Ho’oponopono is an Ancient Hawaiian healing practice while Jikiden Reiki is the most traditional Japannese form of Reiki. PSYCH-K® is a simple and proven method that allow us to change subconscious limiting beliefs in minutes.

Spiritual healing is a process of rebalancing, harmonising and realining our energies. The root of our unbalance may be recent, from several years back, from our childhood or even inherited through our family tree (previous generations and so on).  With the assistance and permission from your Higher-Self, I am able to access your Akashic Records and also receive information from yourself and your guides. The Healing is performed with the assistance and support from our Guides, the Ascended Masters, the Angels, etc. and always with the consent of your Higher-Self.

"As a healer, I do not heal as such, I facilitate an environment for you to heal yourself. It is the intention, the openness and the alignment that helps the process."

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