Victor Guerra - Spiritual Channelling Southampton

About the sessions

Channelling sessions are offered in person or online (through Skype or similar platforms). However, if you live in the Southampton or Hampshire area in person should always be the first choice as there are some elements associated to the channelling session (scenario, music, etc.) that can not be offer online. It will also give you a greater sense of how I work. I am also able to offer home visits if required.

A normal session lasts 60 minutes. It will involve a very small (approximately 5 minutes) meditation to set the ground for you and allow you to relax. After that, I will invite to whoever wishes to speak to step in and the channelling will begin. Sometimes there is a message for you to listen first and sometimes the session goes directly into questions. Here, you can ask questions and interact. A free initial 30 minutes consultation is available.

How the session develops will depend on your questions, the openness you have to receive and the intention you have at the time. 

What is Channelling?

Generally speaking, channelling is a natural form of communication between humans and non-physical entities, for example Angelic beings, Ascended Masters, beings from Higher Dimensions, etc. I said generally speaking, because there is a channelling process where physical entities can also ‘play the game’. However, this can be difficult to understand for some people and it is not the main intention of the channelling sessions.

A channeller is very similar to a language translator or interpreter. During a channelling process, there is a non-verbal communication from another being, an influx of energy that is then translated by the mind into human words. Sometimes, body language and movement take place during the channelling. In addition to this, sometimes the feelings are so strong and so pure that no words can be found to describe them.

Channelling is a process that occurs by free will when there is an allowing. I step aside and whoever wishes to come to deliver a message will come through, step in and take control. Sometimes it is my Higher Self or the other person's Higher Self, sometimes it is one of the Guides, an energy from the Angelic Realm or a benevolent being from a different Realm.

It is true that a channeller can choose who or what they want to channel. As long as the other party has an interest in communicating, the link is made and the channelling can begin. However, this is not the way I work. Rather than make a specific call, I open the door to whomever wants to communicate with me or in this case with you.

Channelling must not be confused with mediumship as most people know it. With channelling, there is an invitation to the Spirit to merge and take control while the channeller steps aside. This way, there is a direct communication from the Spirit. In mediumship however, the person communicating with Spirit typically does not allow the Spirit to merge with them. The Spirit stands next to the person they wish to speak through and the medium, listens, senses, sees, and absorbs the messages that Spirit wishes to transmit to those in the physical world. Then the medium delivers those messages at his or her discretion.

Channelling in Southampton