This series of meditation took place online between April 2020 and June 2020. Valentina and Victor hosted these transfomative meditations  fortnightly with the intention to support everyone in their journey of awakening. The feedback from participants was amazing.

We appreciate the sound’s quality might not be the best one due to the platform we used and the lack of expensive technical equipment but we believe everyone can benefit from the recordings. After all, the energies are the same regardless of the sound’s quality :) 

Enjoy and if you wish more information, please contact with one of us. See below for more details.

With Love and Gratitude

If you feel that you have received a benefit from this meditation series, you might wish to donate anything toward the work we are doing. Your support and any donation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

About Valentina and Victor

Valentina and Victor with Stargate
Same Height Control

Valentina Giovannini

Valentina is a Spiritual healer with a very strong ability to connect with the emotions and the energies that represent. She has always been drawn to everything related with the connection between the body and the mind, and how emotions influence us. Although she began her research with Reiki, during her journey  she discovered many others techniques and tools such as Shiatsu, PSYCH-K®, Reflections®, Agegate Therapy®, the Healing Codes and more recently the Stargate.

She instantly felt a very strong connecting with the Stargate.

Valentina has many years of experiences supporting people in their spiritual growth through workshops and private sessions .

"My purpose is to facilitate people to manifest what they really are, expressing their own potential in their daily life with joy and peace…"

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Victor Guerra

Victor is a Spiritual worker with natural abilities to channel the Guides and other consciousness. He commenced his journey with the Stargate back in 2016, when Prageet presented the Stargate at a Kryon event in Birmingham. Three months after that event, Victor felt a very strong connection with the Stargate and The Alcazar, when his real Stargate journey began.

“The Stargate work has changed my life massively and for me its an honour and a privilege to be able to support and assist others in their journey…”

Alongside the Stargate work, Victor is a Spiritual Healer, using Archetypes as a healing tool. When he re-discovered the ‘Healing with Archetypes’ methods, he felt a powerful connection with this method due to his ability to draw symbols and project their energy, something he remembered from the past. Archetypes are defined as functional symbols with their own energy.

At present, Victor uses his abilities and the Stargate work to facilitate movement within people and support their spiritual journey through one-to-one sessions and workshops.

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