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All resources found in this website are free for everyone to enjoy them. However, as you might be able to appreciate there is time and sometimes considerable amount of work behind the resources offered.

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Harmonising with Frequencie of Love meditations

Harmonising Yourself with the Frequecies of Love Series

This is a series of meditation took place online between April 2020 and June 2020.
Valentina and Victor hosted these transfomative meditations 

Special Archetypes

Harmonising with Frequencie of Love meditations

COVID-19 Vaccination Protection

This particular Archetype offers protection to all secondary effects (known and unknown, short and long term) caused by the COVID-19 vaccinations. I am sharing this with you all as I believe everyone can benefit of it, even if you have been vaccinated already and you haven’t felt any effect. In reality, right now, we still do not know if there might be an undesired effect in the system due to the vaccine in the long run.

How can you use it?
You can download the picture, print it and place it in a place where you can see it regularly (desk, bedside table, fridge, etc.). As you see it and look at it, it will emanate the protective frequencies.
Alternatively, you can memorise the archetype, sit quietly in a meditative space and visualise the archetype in front of you. Maintain this meditative space for a while until the archetype do his job and transmit the full frequency spectrum. This might take few minutes. You should notice a physical, mental or emotional change that will let you know the process is completed. You can repeat the visualization couple of times if you wish to amplify the energy of the archetype within you or if you are unable to feel the signal of completion.