Victor Guerra Expanding From Within

During each session, there are energies and time involved (including before and after each session).
Sessions’ fees are created to balance the energies. It is the principle of give and receive. if we receive but we don´t give anything in return, we might create an energetics’ unbalance, which it might need to be rebalanced at one point in our life. 

This price list will apply for all sessions. The fee or investment for some events and workshops might vary.
We reserve the right to modify the sessions fees without previous notices. 

Concessions and reduced fees are available on a case by case basis. We recognised some people might be struggling financially.
If you are genuinely having financial difficulties please get in touch to discuss your options.

  • Initial 30 minutes consultation (*)
  • 60 minutes session (in person or online)
  • 90 minutes session (in person or online) - recommended for PSYCH-K®
  • Distant healing session (**)
  • 60 minutes Private Stargate meditation session
  • Stargate meditation circle (4x2h)
  • Stargate meditation circle (8h)

Although in some cases full healing and deep change can occur in only one session, in many cases several sessions are needed to achieve it. This is because the power of the subconscious will most times override our conscious decisions and the work done can be easily undone by our subconscious programmes and believes. Miracles can truly happen within an hour or even less, however are you truly open and willing to receive it (without any doubt)?

We recognise the level of personal investment sometimes needed in order to perceive and feel the change in our daily life, for this reason we would like to offer five session for the prices of four.

(*) Only one initial consultation is available per customer. The 30 minutes consultation is available so we can discuss your needs, your goals, cover any questions or concerns you may have and discuss the best way to achieve your objectives.

(**) Distant healing does not refer to an online session, it refers to a petition for you or someone else. During this modality we will be sending specific healing energies to you (or the person in question). Once the work is done, we will be sending an email or text message with any particular message or advice received from the Guides specific to the person receiving the healing energies.