Victor is a spiritual worker with natural abilities to channel the Spirit Guides. He facilitates movement and growth within people. He is qualified and certified as:

  • Spiritual Healer with Artchetypes

  • PSYCH-K® Advanced facilitator

  • 'Stargate Experience’ meditation Facilitator

  • Ho’oponopono practitioner

  • Jikiden Reiki (Okuden) practitioner

  • Ayurveda herbalist

Victor Guerra Spiritual Healer at Chalice Well

As spiritual worker (healer), I commit myself to facilitate and hold the space for your transformation. I work at the body’s archetype level (energy essence), at a cellular level and at the subconscious level all at once. This way, we can easily transform and release blockages, traumas, memories, information, limiting beliefs, and much more.

As a channeller, I am able to connect with our spiritual guides, our ancestors, benevolent begins from other realms and other consciousness with the intention of bringing relevant information and receiving the guidance and support that will assist us on our spiritual journey.

If you are seeking for spiritual support or guidance, you are feeling completely stuck and lost or you are just looking for a greater understanding about yourself, life and the challenges you are facing, I can assist you. I will be honoured to support you on your own process by sharing energies, understanding and facilitating a supportive environment for you to change, to heal or for whatever is appropriate for you. With your intention and my willingness to support and assist you, we can bring the right movement for you to start thriving in life. Are you ready?

Spiritual Healing in Southampton

Spiritual healing is the art of restoring, harmonising and balancing our Spirit, our Soul, our mind and our body’s health and it is not linked to a particular religion. 90% of the illness and diseases we experience have an emotional root and very often have an imprinted believe from our childhood too. We can heal our illnesses by healing our past and our emotions.

The use of the Healing with Archetypes modality in conjunction with other healing techniques and tools can assist us in restoring the harmony and balance of our physical, mental and emotional bodies in an easy and fast way.

Spiritual Healing in Southampton

This is a powerful way to receive guidance and assistant directly from the other side of the veil. A spiritual channel is a person with specialist psychic abilities.

Although I never lose consciousness, as a channeller or Divine link, I voluntarily step aside or move out of the way to allow our Guides, our Ancestors, benevolent beings and other consciousness to communicate through me.

The main difference with the mediumship is that while channelling there is no listening and delivering, the message comes directly as it is spoken out loud.

Spiritual Healing in Southampton

PSYCH-K® is a simple yet very powerful tool that allow us to change our subconscious limiting belief into supportive and empowering belief. It is a scientifically proven method based on neuroscience research and ancient wisdom.

Using a combination of muscle-testing and whole-brain exercises, we can work with the conscious and subconscious mind as well as the Superconsciousness to changes of our subconscious beliefs, transform our perception of a stressful and traumatic situations within minutes. When we become whole-brained, we restore the balance between rational and emotional thinking. PSYCH-K® method also allow us to change our core beliefs and our perception of the relationship with ourself, our body, our partner, a friend, family member, or our relationship with food, money, etc. The possibilities with PSYCH-K® are endless.

Spiritual Healing in Southampton

Meditation is a practice used by many to gain a greater awareness of the present moment and getting a healthy sense of perspective. However, healing, activation of our own abilities, guidance and much more can occur while in a meditative space

I use the Stargate to set up the meditation’s stages. The Stargate is one of the leading hedge tools that can assist in the rapid expansion of our consciousness. With the stargate meditations there is nothing to do for the participants, only relax and allow the energies shared by the Guides to do the hard work for you

About Victor

Victor is a spiritual worker (or lightworker) able to facilitate movement and growth within people. He has natural abilities to channel and to connect with the spirit guides, our ancestors and other consciousness. He discovered his ability in 2014. After that, he decided to embrace his spirituality and he started working on himself in order to support and assist others in their own spiritual paths.

Victor was born and bred in the beautiful isle of Gran Canaria (Spain). In 2005, life brought him to Southampton (UK) where he now lives and works. In recent years, he discovered this was not random event as a lot of Akashic remembrance has occurred in this magical Land.

Victor received his training as instructor in the art of Spiritual Healing with Archetypes A leading-edge healing modality based on sacred geometry and energy projection. He also has been fully trained as an advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator and as a ‘Stargate Experience’ meditation facilitator. Additionally, he has received training as a Jikiden Reiki practitioner (Okuden level) and as a Ho’oponopono practitioner (ancient Hawaiian healing technique). Moreover, because of his abilities to channel and connect with other consciousness, a great amount of knowledge and wisdom has been revealed to him in recent years, allowing him to combine all these tools to work in a unique way.

At present, Victor offers assistance and support throughout private sessions (spiritual healing, channelling and PSYCH-K®), as well as powerful and transformative private and group meditation  with the Stargate.

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